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SAPPHIRE Now 2011, the wrap

Day one saw SAP turning the stage over to non-SAP visionary thinkers and the American user group (ASUG.) This was unexpected but it got the crowd thinking about what SAP means and what it stands for. Some thought the visionary panel was a bit contrived. I didn’t. I don’t see any way SAP can control the thoughts of independent and world class thinkers.

Day two saw co-CEO’s Jim Snabe and Bill McDermott attempting to do a sort of TV show but with customer stories front and center. As I said earlier – no product in sight and it worked moderately well. Next time I’d prefer to see live testimonials.

Day three saw an excited and happy co-founder Hasso Plattner answering 13 common questions about the company’s technical strategy. 13? I’d prefer three. Again, customer examples figured heavily. Dr Plattner drew laughs from the crowd when he spotted co-CEO Bill McDermott consulting his iPad, implying that McDermott had better be closing deals since he clearly was not paying attention to the Herr Dr professor. It’s a very long time since I have seen Dr Plattner so upbeat, a tine reflected in our later meeting.

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