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Inside SAP’s radical makeover

The mission-critical (but unsexy) software giant lost its way with customers. CEOs Bill McDermott and Jim Hagemann Snabe think they can make SAP appealing again. Though SAP enjoys enviable market position — nearly 80% of the Fortune 500 use SAP software for processes like inventory planning, and 63% of worldwide financial transactions are processed through SAP software at one point or another — corporations are starting to radically rethink the way they buy and deploy software. Employees are behind the change: They increasingly want to bring their home smartphones and tablets into the workplace, and they expect their office to provide them with the same kinds of apps and online services they enjoy in their personal lives. But instead of embracing online delivery of software, or of computing via the cloud, SAP made a few tepid attempts to develop online versions of its existing products. Meanwhile smaller companies like NetSuite (N), Workday, and (CRM), which displaced SAP as the world’s second-largest provider of customer relationship management software, rushed to fill the void. (The No. 1 CRM vendor is Oracle (ORCL).)

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