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BYOD or CYOD – an international divide across the Pond?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) inevitably made it onto all the ‘crystal balls at the ready’ 2014 predictions list from assorted analyst firms, research houses and headline hungry vendors.

This year’s survey confirms mainstream enthusiasm for BYOD policies – 82% of respondents allowing employees to use their personal devices to access company data or applications at work – but lack of attention to the accompanying requirement for revised security thinking.

The top line findings are impressively depressing:

  • More than 50% of the respondents reckon to have experienced situations where terminated workers tried to access company data or applications after they left the organization.
  • 57% had experienced the loss of company-owned devices containing sensitive information.
  • 46% are not confident in their ability to grant or revoke employee access to applications across their full IT infrastructure.
  • 51% believe that its ‘just a matter of time’ before another security breach occurs.
  • 45% believe that employees within their organization would be prepared to sell company data if offered the right price.

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