The writing is on the wall for SAP consultants

For those individuals and companies that began SAP consulting in 90’s life was easy, you basically had to show up at clients to make money. Specific application knowledge was power, and the balance was heavily weighed in favour of the early movers. Don’t get me wrong, knowledge is still a valuable asset but the power base is shifting..

As the CFO rather than CIO starts making the technology decisions, the power is shifting back to the business consultants that can provide real insight rather than IT specialists that can enable best practices. The emergence of organisations such the Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) now provides services to connect companies with business professionals that can provide insight around specific business domain problems.

My prediction is that a similar “knowledge industry” will be developed around the SAP domain where the majority of the core SAP implementation services will be commoditised, while a set of specialists will advise and operate on edge to enable true competitive advantage. I see our future role at SAPortals as connecting companies to real experts to achieve their business objectives.





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