Seven Steps to Accounting Nirvana with HANA

Some may be familiar with transaction F.01 or trial balance in ECC. At its simplest, it’s the sum of all accounting debits and credits broken down by chart of accounts, general ledger account, company code, and some additional fields or dimensions. In other words, it is the sum of all financial accounting that ECC has recorded in your production instance general ledger that serves as a basis for financial statements.

The basic process of accounting and bookkeeping hasn’t changed for hundreds of years and during financial monthend close involves a large effort in the accounting department. Or maybe, it had until HANA has arrived on the scene.

Think of this. What if we were to put the most important subtotals (ending balances, flows, etc.) into a Hana cube to see how quickly we can navigate the dimensions through one of the simplest reports available or the out-of-the-box Excel Pivot Table? The current Excel row count limitation of 1,048,576 rows is not affecting us provided we stay within the manageable number of subtotals and try not to get everything at once from the Hana cube.


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