SAPhila 2012 – Impressions

This year’s SAPhila had all the ingredients most customers expect when travelling to the Pilansberg – Fireworks, Beers, Party at the Valley of the waves, SAP Marketing. This year was a little different, better organised, more focused on social media – yet from my anecdotal feedback still a little light on content side.

Rob Enslin and Simon Dingle were the star speakers, encouraging Africans to embrace technology. AFSUG also had Bridgette Chambers, American SAP User Group CEO, who no doubt shared the American approach for running value driven interactions in the SAP Eco-system. Interestingly some of expected SAP partners did not have stands and used guerrilla marketing approaches to spread their message (or mission) as the case might be.  

Looking forward to seeing the delegate feedback and seeing how AFSUG evolves with the new board members.


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