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SAP Business Workflow – A review of the latest book

Any SAP Workflow consultant worth their salt, has a well-thumbed copy of “Practical Workflow for SAP” SAP Press book on their bedside table. This seminal book has been recently updated and now includes more than 20 authors and is well over the thousand pages. Many of the names are familiar stalwarts on the SAP Business Workflow SCN community.

It is still amazing how extensively the relatively “old” SAP Business Workflow technology is being used in the broader SAP application landscape. I would personally like to see SAP offering a more dynamic case management solution – for an example of the future of workflow have a look at this video from 2014 BPMNext conference by Keith Swanson from Fujitsu.

It is great to see this book cover how the new and old technologies are integrating with each other. I was especially interested in the following new chapters:

  • SAP Fiori and Mobility
  • Enhancing workflows using SAP UI5
  • SAP Master Data Governance incl. rule based workflow
  • Operational process intelligence using HANA

When ordering the book the SAP press site indicated that there would be around a 5 week delay in delivery, but it is possible to get access to the eBook immediately.

This book is required reading for anyone wanting a solid grounding of SAP Business Workflow and well worth the $89.99 investment – and is available on the galileo press site.

One of the most amazing things is that the proceeds of the book go to doctors without borders (Médecins Sans Frontières) – congratulations to all the authors.


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