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Ruby, Camping and…Gateway?

It’s been a long time since my last Ruby blog…so I wanted to something nice…instead of emulate any SAP transaction, it was time for me to engage with new SAP technologies, and Gateway really looks promising…so…what’s Gateway? Gateway is based on OData, which allows us to perform CRUD operations on WebService like applications…in other words…it’s just awesome technology -;) If you want to find out more, please refer to this homepage on SCN “SAP NetWeaver Gateway Demo System”. So…we can access Gateway using many technologies, for example JavaScript or Java for Blackberry. But for sure, I wanted to go beyond those awesome examples, and searched for other ways to consume Gateway data…on the OData SDK List I found a Ruby gem called Ruby_OData, which works awesome for services like Netflix OData, but didn’t work to well for SAP Gateway services… As you may know…here on SCN, we’re like family, so we like to work together on some nice project, so as you can see here…that’s what we did -;) SAP NETWEAVER GATEWAY DEMO SYSTEM With the gem working, I knew I wanted to blog about it…build a small Ruby application to show how easy is to use the Ruby_OData gem…but of course…having a DOS style black window wasn’t very likely…so I decide to use Camping once again -:) and of course…Camping is not very classy…and I think it’s not even maintained anymore…so if you’re looking for something nicer, you can use Sinatra instead -;) As I love to say…”Enough talk! Let’s go to the source code!”
Read the source article at Blag’s bag of rants

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