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Outsourcing SAP Development

An SAP developer must have the breadth of experience to understand the functions that your business needs, and the depth of experience to deliver those functions as described. And, of course, do it on time and within budget.

Finding a team of developers to fit that bill is probably going to require searching pretty far afield. The best choice for many major companies is to outsource their SAP functional and technology consulting, from development through support.

Evaluating SAP programmers
Selecting a team for your SAP solution should be done with care. Ask questions that will help you find the right fit.

Do you have experience in our industry?
How many developers will be working on our solution?
What is the average amount of experience they have?
How will you handle data migration to avoid disruptions?
What levels of training and support do you offer?

Use the interview process to determine how they would approach your solution. SAP has a number of different modules made for specific business processes. Ask the team leader which modules he or she thinks you’ll need, and why. Will your development team be starting with a prepackaged solution for your industry? Why or why not?

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