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New Pricing for HANA released

Good news for companies looking to leverage the latest SAP technologies, SAP has provided a free – yes you read right – a free productive version of the Hana Cloud Platform (HCP).

Matthias Steiner broke the news on twitter

Of course there are a number of limitations for the free productive versions such as only being limited to 10 named users, and not being running the HANA DB, but rather the ASE one – this is still a strong signal for the developer community that there is a mechanism to deploy “real” applications.



At the time of writing this article it still wasn’t possible to provision an application – notice the link on the bottom of the pricing chart just links to a generic sap store contact email – so will need to see how this is provisioned in reality.

It appears as if SAP is reconsidering their pricing models and following a number of the other aPaaS vendors in providing a simple base version for productive testing – what some tech pundits call a “land and expand” strategy.

Named users approach also changes for Cloud Portal

In the discussion on social media it also emerged that way SAP is pricing their cloud portal pricing for external users is moving away from named users to charging per visit – which in my opinion makes a lot more sense from a business value perspective.

What has driven this change in approach is intriguing, what however is becoming clear is that the future of SAP extensions (including S/4 HANA) is definitely going to be in the cloud.

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