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Mastering Business Analytics with SAP – Keynote insights

Mico Yuk provided an energetic opening presentation with a five step process for implementing dashboard projects as well as providing ‘BI Guerrilla’ strategies to engage the business user community. She mentioned that Gartner is predicting that “70% of all BI projects will be a failure” this year – giving the audience a real reality check on BI projects within their organisations. She recommended that BI professionals do app design e-Learning courses to learn about usability and heuristics.   

My key insights were:

  1. Don’t start with mock-ups when initiating a dashboarding project – start with identifying the data and  KPIs and ensure the business provide definitions and formulas, this will ensure they define, own and understand the measures
  2. Once available KPIs are identified start building black and white mockups using simple online tools (She recommends basalmiq / tigermockup) 
  3. Its BI Suicide to combine design and requirements in the same project phase
  4. The days of big BI projects implemented by large consultancies are over – there is huge competition from 3rd party vendors who sell directly to business users

Mico called Microsoft Excel a “BI Cancer” and said it introduced a number of data governance issues. Presentation was well received, although the conservative South African audience didn’t ask too many questions.



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