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Learn Data Science from Booz Allen Hamilton

The consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton has developed the “Explore Data Science” for anyone wanting to capitalise on this growth area. The course introduces common data science theory and techniques to help programmers, mathematicians, and other technical professionals expand their data science expertise – all done in an engaging format.

The course is not cheap ($1,250 per user) but if you develop your skills, this could be a small price to pay.

Data Science Pricing

Be sure to have some basic technology background before tackling this. They do offer a free demo account and give you the option to try before you buy – check out the dedicated web site at

Another option for students to consider is the Udacity Nanodegree , the first Cohort has started in January 2015, but may be a more structured approach to learning the discipline? Here some statistics, python programming courses are pre-requisites all which can be taken via the Udacity site.


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