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Future Developers May Be MBAs

Employees who bring with them both technology and business skills may be just what the recession ordered. According to Global Knowledge, business skills appeared on a recent list 10 Hot IT Skills. They believe that IT people who are savvy in the ways of business could gain the competitive edge over those who aren’t during a down economy.

While that may seem unusual, it’s not an isolated reference.

Andy Wagner, Director of Solutions Strategy at Universal Mind, an employer of 80 developers, has an MBA. Wagner, who began his career in business and made the move to technology, believes that a developer who is packing an MBA would be a prize catch. In his opinion, a person with a history in software development could really function quite well in the business world, bringing a one-of-a-kind ability to tackle a variety of issues.

The question is, what types of positions would be available to this unique high-tech hybrid? Some think that developers with business acumen could land choice spots in project management as well as higher up. In fact, it’s quite conceivable that this new breed could lead the way as the first CIOs or CTOs with MBAs. Its also clear that their skills sets will need to be complete, including knowledge of offshore IT outsourcing [1] and how working with an offsite team can compliment existing operations.

Of course, while this dream combo sounds appealing, it’s important to remember that anyone going after an advanced business degree should be cognizant of why they’re doing it; it’s not a decision to be undertaken lightly. Developers in particular should know that shifting gears and heading into technology management is likely to be accompanied by a shift in focus, including the idea of working with an outside software team, including through offshore IT outsourcing.

A developer generally has a much narrower scope (e.g., staying on top of the latest technological advances) than a business person who must take into account all aspects of a company, such as its strategic vision, competitive landscape, and sales and marketing functions. This is key if they want to be a contributing member of the corporate team.

There’s one more thing to consider if you’re serious about going into management. And that is to be honest with yourself about whether you have what it takes to be successful. Good managers are creative, communicate well, and are flexible. It’s important to know this before jumping in head first. The last thing you want to have happen is for that MBA to morph into an OMG.

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