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EOH to sponsor Mastering SAP South Africa Series

EOH SAP Services, a SAP National Alliance Partner, will be sponsoring the entire series of Mastering SAP Conferences, Seminars and Round Tables to be held in Johannesburg over the coming months. This forms part of the vision of driving “better run businesses” – from strategy to execution.

Mastering SAP 2013 is specifically designed to encourage SAP customers to look outside their immediate environment. It’s a place where SAP customers, partners and experts engage in brave and important conversations, find answers to common challenges and inspire one another to explore future opportunities.

How do you bring clarity and transparency to business? How do you see, think and act clearly so that you can understand your risks, formulate smart business strategies, and take actions that align with those strategies? 

EOH SAP Services General Manager Kirtan Sita says the answer is by driving initiatives that enable insight, improve efficiencies, and promote a culture of accountability. “At EOH SAP Services, we have the proven track record to collaborate with our customers – partners to Plan, Build and Run better Enterprises.”

“Well run enterprises have the ability to overcome complexity by having insight into every aspect of the organisation and its business networks. They operate with increased speed, relevance and accuracy. They are prepared for risk and uncertainty, and they adjust their operations as market conditions change and remain accountable to all stakeholders involved,” he explains.

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