EOH partners with OpenText to enhance SAP offering

 EOH SAP Services executive ECM, Nelus Rossouw, says this partnership will create new solutions to help customers utilise unstructured information efficiently.

“The integration depth of OpenText’s ECM Suite for SAP is unique in the industry, together we can deliver what business users and CIOs in the finance and insurance industry have long dreamed of – process and industry orientation instead of system silos.”

“From a processing perspective, separating data and documents makes no sense. Prime examples include employee documents, claims reports and credit application processing, where data and documents flow together at almost any point in the process,” he explains.

“The claims specialists can only be efficient if they have all the information they need at the press of a button without having to search in different systems and on different interfaces. OpenText not only makes this process integration possible on the technical level, but has come up with a brilliant solution compared to other industry solutions.”

The advantages of this integrated and process-oriented solution are numerous, all customer information is easily available, information can be issued comprehensively, competently and authoritatively. The processes are more efficient and effective because there’s no need for time-consuming navigation across multiple repositories. In addition, service quality increases along with customer loyalty. Claims specialists do not have to leave their trusted work environment and are guided intuitively through the process using the appropriate business language. This minimises training time and costs and high user acceptance ensures project success. Moreover, process quality is also improved. EOH considers this as a strategic partnership that will provide considerable benefit and opportunity to large commercial and public sector customers. The partnership is specifically aimed at the private sector, mining, manufacturing, utilities and public services.

EOH will provide OpenText architecture and consulting services to its customers, whether they are planning to introduce OpenText software or expand its use. EOH is aligned itself with OpenText’s growth initiatives and it plans to grow its customer base in various vertical industries by supporting existing customers and also attracting new customers. Rossouw says the EOH business model is based on the ‘design, build, operate’ concept. “It enables us to embrace our clients with products and services of both a business and technology perspective.

The cycle reflects the on-going nature of our client partnership, which accommodates change, whether initiated by changes from the client side, or opportunities created through developments in world-class best business practices and information technology.” “Partnerships for life are built on trust, understanding and communication. At EOH, we endeavour to form life-long partnerships by developing business and IT strategies, supplying and implementing solutions and managing enterprise-wide systems and processes,” he concludes. Due to the high customer value of these joint industry solutions, EOH and OpenText are expecting more success stories from their existing agreements with SAP. By collaborating with EOH, OpenText can expand and improve its service and support to a global level in the private sector, mining, manufacturing, public services & utilities.

For more information about this partnership please contact EOH SAP Services General Manager Kirtan Sita.

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