Consumerisation of IT SAP Corporate Virtual Consulting

Consulting Self-Service from SAP

SAP Consulting Self-Service is a quick and easy way for customers to select and book an SAP consultant who has the skills and knowledge they require.

Customers can search on a whole range of attributes, including project duration, industry, solution area, consultant role, region and consultant proficiency, progressively narrowing their search down until they find consultants who match their criteria.

Consulting Self-Service then allows them to view detailed profiles of qualifications and experience, compare one consultant against another and, most importantly, view their availability.

Once the customer selects the right consultant for his needs, he enters some information about the work he wishes the consultant to perform. The consultant calls back the customer to verify the required work and agree on the scope and effort. Once agreement is reached the consultant perform the work and enters back to the system engagement summary for the benefit of the customer. Now it’s the time for the customer to accept the deliverables and provide feedback.
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