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T-Systems in South Africa

Since the inception of T-Systems in South Africa in 1997, we have cemented our position as one of the most successful T-Systems companies outside of Europe. Our head office is located in Midrand, with a second major office in Midrand, another major office in Cape Town, and 20 further representative offices in locations throughout Southern Africa.
On 1st January 2010, T-Systems took over ex-parastatal arivia.kom, effectively doubling in size and taking our workforce to around 2400 employees. This acquisition also made T-Systems South Africa the biggest IT and indeed also ITCO outsourcer in South Africa, as well as the biggest SAP partner in South Africa.
T-Systems is uniquely positioned to be able to guarantee its customers one single contact, irrespective of the services required. We supply a solution specially tailored to your company’s needs, allowing our customers to concentrate on their core business and increase their competitive advantage.