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Can you learn a new SAP module via e-Learning?

Learning a new SAP module is a daunting task especially. if you are new to the SAP world. With the traditional instructor lead training (ILT) from SAP being priced for corporate customers – it is typically out of reach for individuals looking toimprove their skills. So can the e-Learning approach work? (Spoiler alert – My view is that unless you are seriously motivated I suggest that look at some kind of a blended approach.)

SAPs’ own online offerings

SAP has embraced the e-Learning trend and now offers a number of solutions:

  • SAP E-Academy – For learning a specific module or area e.g. SAP eAcademy ABAP Basics view course info
  • SAP e-Learning – For a single course access for a specific topic
  • SAP e-Learning Subscription offerings – where you can get access to a portfolio of courses for a 12 month period – SAP is hosting an event in cape town if you want to know more
  • Open SAP online courses – these are free to attend and are SAP’s answer to the Massive online open courses (MOOCs) covering topics from HANA to mobile.

I have personally subscribed to the SAP Learning Hub, and find that the bulk of the material available is the PDFs version of the course notes – while beneficial would not provide the insight required to learn and feel confident in a new SAP area.

Alternative e-Learning Options

A number of external companies and individuals have developed SAP e-Learning solutions, which are extremely varied quality – a number of Powerpoint and “talking head” solutions are available of a platform like Udemy and other home grown solutions – we have curated a list of some of the better offerings on our course page.

Be sure that you are motivated to complete your online training – the stats for completing online training is a low as 5%. Having access to a SAP system to practice your learning is also critical – check out the SAP cloud appliance library if you have some technical chops.

Blended Learning is the best way to go

While access to content is a great start – having the ability to interact with someone knowledgeable and provide business context to the material is the way to go – try find an expert or a mentor that can help and guide you on your learning journey.

I had a conversation with Elizabeth Louw from Britehouse who is offering blended learning opportunities by providing access to the SAP standard Academy e-Learning Curriculum and offering additional support to students through access to systems or experts. They provide the central point of contact for booking and management and take the hassle out of dealing with the SAP education department – which can be trying at best. Financing options through companies like Eduloan are even possible. While you still have the relatively high cost of the SAP e-Learning academy (typically around R40k) this is a smart approach.

Other ways to learn for graduates

Most large firms today offer some kind of a graduate or internship program, if you are in your early career joining an internship that gives you exposure to SAP from a technology and business perspective is a great alternative – one of the largest programmes that I am aware of if EOH – read here for more.

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