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Analyst tackles HANA head on

Shaun Snapp, a technology analyst and author has asked whether SAP will need to back track on its HANA approach. He argues that Hasso Plattner has a strong financial bias and that the technology (while beneficial) is not yet ready to be sold in the mainstream.

the idea that the HANA database should be the exclusive database that SAP runs on is obviously untrue – Snapp

Shaun agrees that HANA does work for some applications, incl BW on HANA, Finance module in S/4 and SAP BusinessOne, however he states that there are many applications for which HANA does not work incl. CRM or Concur or SuccessFactors for which he concludes in-memory computing is just a waste of hardware resources.

These are strong statements indeed, and he provides functional and technical considerations to consider, Oracle I am sure will be very happy with this sentiment.

Read his full post here

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